Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hawaii Six-Oh

Marley’s Hawaiian-themed sixth birthday party was a triumph. My tropical bra was actually made of two scallop shells; worn over a tank top plus a shirt to spare my embarrassment.

Leis and all other Hawaiian accessories ‒ including napkins, plates and cups ‒ were bought from a Dollar Tree store. Who knew? It costs more than the 99 Cents store, but well worth the extra penny.

Most of the delicious food was cooked by Marley’s grandmother, Luba. You could taste the love. Marley helped me make the cake the day before, although I was also in charge of the salmon, green salad, Pass The Parcel and Musical Statues. But my greatest contribution was to use pineapple juice instead of peach (more Hawaiian) for the adults’ Bellinis. I could barely keep up with demand.

Highlight of the party for me, as it is every year, is to go in the bouncy castle with a few other game mums after the kids have exhausted themselves. Joy.

Fresh Pineapple recipe

1 Ripe pineapple
Brown sugar
Fresh Mint

Cut the pineapple into four pieces leaving on the leaves for prettiness. Remove the core with a sharp knife as its bitter. Then sprinkle with brown sugar and the chopped mint. It looks spectacular and is delicious and refreshing. My friend Diane who gave me the recipe pounds the sugar (not much) and chopped mint in a mortar and pestle first but I can't be bothered.

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