Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting warmer

There is movement on “The Making Of Plus One…” front. The L.A. push begins this month. There’ll be a screening for family and friends at the William Morris Endeavor agency on October 22nd at 6pm to start a word-of-mouth buzz within the industry.

On October 26th at 7.30pm at the Harmony Gold theatre on Sunset, BAFTA/LA is holding a screening for its members, followed by a Q & A with director Mary McGuckian and the cast (including me).

The movie will also be premiered to selected press at the AFI/AFM at the Fairmont in Santa Monica at 5pm on November 4th.

RSVP to screenings:

Here’s the trailer:

I had a meeting with a top talent manager last week who wants to represent me and is confident she can get me my own TV show. I’ll tell you how successful she is: she just secured a $7 million dollar deal for one of her clients and it costs $24.50 to park for less than an hour at her fancy offices on Century Park East.