Saturday, June 07, 2008


I hate to gossip… but pull up a chair.

The filming did start on ‘The Making Of Plus One’ movie during the Cannes Film Festival. But sans Meg Tilly, who fell out with the director over, shall we say, artistic differences.

Director/producer Mary McGuckian called me this afternoon as I was wheeling my trolley around Albertsons and filled me in. She said the filming went great but the second phase, when Julia and I will be required for our close-ups, has been put back until September.

One scene called for Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet look-a-likes to walk down la Croisette. The fake Kate must have been convincing because Gwyneth Paltrow (the real one) waved at her.

Back to my reality. Here’s Julia on the ‘Lucky Ducks’ stall at the Topanga Fair. We did a roaring trade that made up for my disappointment over not running the ‘Hoops’ stall, as we had been led to believe. ‘Hoops’ sounded a lot more fun than ‘Lucky Ducks’ but we had an absolute hoot.

Marley Rose’s third-birthday, belly-dancing party was an enormous success. It really was a magical day. Not that it's a competition (or is it?), but I didn't think it was possible to have a more magnificent birthday party than Marley Rose's. The next kid's birthday party had water slides, bouncy castles, horses and a zebra. When my kids were small it was a couple of rounds of pass the parcel, musical chairs, Cadbury's chocolate fingers as a special treat, a bit of cake and a balloon!