Monday, November 02, 2009

Not so easy street....

My producing partner and I have shot the sizzle reel for my reality TV show idea. The shoot couldn’t have gone better. Two weeks to edit, then her agent and my manager can try and sell it.

While we were out filming, a pleasant-looking man of about 30 walked into the frame and sat down nearby. This turned out to be a happy accident from our point of view, so I asked him if he’d be so kind as to do it again. He told me he would be happy to help. As we walked back to the others, he said he was homeless and asked if I could spare a couple of bucks for some food? I gave him five.

The wonderful singer/songwriter Celia Chavez referred to a book by Steven Pressfield, The War of Art, in her blog. Celia wrote:

"The premise of this book is that resistance is a creative person’s tireless and impersonal nemesis, and you have to resign yourself to battle it. You will encounter the worst and most heartbreaking obstacles around that which you are most called to do. It defines the different forms resistance takes and recommends that an artist hunker down and assume the mentality of a professional soldier in an endless conflict."

Most people who achieve success would agree that luck plays a part. Maybe they were in the right place at the right time, or knew someone who knew someone who could help or guide them. Yes, it’s a battle at times, but the harder we work, the luckier we are. And the ones who make it are the ones who don’t give up.

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Anonymous Jane Mckell said...

I am proud to be your first comment; such an enjoyable read you should write for a living - LOL! I think the quote from Celia Chavez is spot on: we so deserve our break - lucky or not but certainly by the sweat of our brow: a professional soldier in endless conflict...or something like that...I salute you; a 'sister in arms' Creatively touring has been a huge success but economically (bums on seats) way down during this recession; I have more than one shirt thank god! x Jane

4:26 PM  
Blogger Mike Quinn said...

I couldn't agree more Claire!
Keep strong and I hope your move goes well for you.
Catch you later ;)
Mike Quinn

7:03 PM  

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